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Replacement certificates

Logic Certification may issue a replacement certificate where the certificate has been, lost, stolen, misplaced, defaced, accidentally destroyed or the holder has changed their name by deed poll. When requesting a replacement certificate, candidates will be required to provide evidence of their identity by supplying a passport quality photograph along with their personal details.

To obtain a replacement certificate, candidates must put their request in writing to the LCL Administration Manager at the address detailed on the Replacement Certificate Application form, confirming personal details and the reasons for the request. Where the request is for change of name by deed poll, a copy of the deed poll will need to be provided.

There is an administration charge of £30.00 inc of VAT for a replacement certificate, payment may be made by either cheque or credit/debit card.

Once we have received the form we will contact you on the telephone number provided and confirm your request and method of payment. Where the payment is by cheque the request for a replacement certificate will be processed once the cheque has cleared. If the payment is to be made by credit/debit card the request for replacement will be processed once payment has been confirmed by the card issuer.

Replacement certificates will indicate the date of issue and that they are a replacement.

If a certificate is not received, a replacement certificate will only be issued free of charge if LCL are notified within 3 calendar months of the original despatch date.

Note: For QCF and RQF certificates Logic Certification is unable to issue replacement certificates in the event of a change of name unless it is for reasons of gender re-assignment or witness protection.

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