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Use of Logic Certification Logo

Logic Certification DOES NOT allow the use of the Logic Certification company logo by any organisation, apart from its network of Approved Assessment centres.

The FAQ's section is broken in to differnent sections as per the links below:-


  • Why do my Logic Certification Certificates have an expiry date?
    • If they are ACS or OFTEC certificates the both sets of scheme rules are prescriptive in stating that there must be an expiry date on the certificate not exceeding 5 years from the date of assessment. As this date was originally based on an approved code of practice and has proven to be an appropriate duration for reassessment across the building engineering sector Logic Certification has adopted 5 years as a standard for reassessment.  Note; not all Logic Certification qualifications have an expiry date, see each individual qualification for details.
  • How can I express paperwork which has already been submitted to you?
    • If your paperwork has already submitted to Logic Certification then you would need to contact the centre at which you undertook the assessment and arrange for the portfolio to be expressed. This is a chargeable service.
  • How can I change my company name on my Worcester Accredited Installer ID card?
    • You would need to contact the manufacturer in question who can send through a request to Logic Certification for a change to the certificate or ID card
  • Can my employer request a replacement certificate on my behalf?
    • The employer can send the request to Logic Certification but it must be signed by the candidate. Payment will need to be made in the normal manner, see the "replacement certificate" section on the website
  • Can certificates be sent direct to the employer
    • If the candidate has signed an authorization for this to happen then yes, otherwise they will be sent direct to the candidate. Contact your approved centre who can arrange this.
  • Where is my nearest training centre?
    • Go to the "find a centre" section on the website enter your postcode and select the qualification you are looking for a list starting with the nearest centre will be produced
  • How long will it take for me to receive my certificate?
    • Certificates are normally dispatched within 10-14 working days from the portfolio being received by the Logic Certification office from the approved centre. This is dependent on the portfolio being found to be complete and correct by Logic Certification. You should always contact the approved centre first to make sure the portfolio has been dispatched to Logic Certification
  • Why haven't Gas Safe received my Hot Water Safety System (Unvented) qualification details?
    • Gas Safe Register does not allow Logic Certification to send details of achievement of this certificate. Candidates must make Gas Safe Register aware that they hold a current certificate directly
  • I have not received an ID card with my certificate?
    • ID cards do not accompany every certificate, please see the wallet your certificate was contained in to see if an ID card would have been enclosed
  • Why isn't my certificate number on my ID card?
    • If an ID card is included it can include details from multiple certificates which would not be possible to include on the card
  • How do I get a replacement certificate?
    • See the replacement certificate section on the website where you can download a replacement certificate application form to be completed and sent to our office
  • Why do I have to provide a photo for a replacement certificate?
    • A photo is required for those certificates that also include an ID card. Logic Certification is also required to upload a current photo to Gas Safe Register when issuing certificates under the ACS scheme. This photo is used on the Gas Safe Register ID card so the photo provided to Logic Certification must be of passport quality
  • How much do training courses cost?
    • Costs for the course and assessments are set by each individual centre not by Logic Certification. The "find a centre" section on the website will bring up a list of Logic Certification approved centres and you can contact each individual centre to compare the prices
  • Can I use the Logic Certification Logo on my company paperwork and marketing material
    • Logic Certification does not allow the use of the LCL company logo by any organisation apart from Approved Assessment centres

Gas      (back to top)

  • What's the difference between an ACS certificate of competence and Gas NVQ or RQF/QCF Qualification?
    • An ACS certificate demonstrates that the holder has been assessed against the national gas safety competence criteria in matters of gas safety only. ACS will not assess other skills such as plumbing, electrical, building, Health & Safety and Scientific principles etc. A Gas NVQ or RQF/QCF qualification does include those skills (where appropriate) which form an integral part of the qualification.
  • How long does it take to complete my ACS assessments?
    • Depending on your levels of knowledge, what assessments you are undertaking and whether you are undertaking assessments for the first time or reassessment. Example; a well prepared candidate undertaking CCN1, HTR1, CENWAT, CKR1 as a packaged assessment for the first time would take about 4 days. A similar candidate undertaking the same package of assessments as a reassessment would take about 2 - 2½ days.
  • What's the difference between ACS initial and reassessment?
    • Initial assessment requires candidates to demonstrate their gas safety competence against the assessment criteria by carrying out a number of practical tasks such as installing, servicing, inspecting and identifying defects on appliances. Candidates also have to successfully answer a number of knowledge questions. Candidates undertaking reassessment carry out a reduced number of practical tasks and answer fewer knowledge questions; reassessment candidates have fewer attempts than the initial assessment candidate to demonstrate their competence.
  • How is Gas Safe Register notified of my ACS gas qualifications?
    • Logic Certification uploads the certificate and candidate details directly to the Gas Safe Register database. There can sometimes be a delay before it appears on the Gas Safe Register registration system as there is an internal transfer that takes place at Gas Safe Register initially
  • Is there a qualification for supervisors and managers
    • Logic Certification has published a suite of Level 4 gas safety management qualifications designed for supervisors or managers who do not carry out any hands on gas work. These qualifications are available for the domestic natural gas, LPG caravan and park homes, catering and non-domestic sectors

Electrical      (back to top)

  • I am a qualified heating engineer and want to install my own electrical installation work. I also want to be able to notify my installations to Building Control via a Competent Person Scheme, what courses do I need to do?
    • The Logic Certification Domestic Electrical Installer Course (Full Scope) will provide you with the knowledge and skills to able to safely install electrical installations in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations and BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. To be able to join a Competent Persons Scheme you will also need to complete the Logic Certification RQF/QCF Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671: June 2008 (2015).  Note this requirement changed as from the 6th April 2013 where a Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installation Work in Dwellings will be the minimum qualification level
  • My Logic Certification Part P certificate is expiring, can I undertake reassessment?
    • The Logic Certification Part P course has been updated and re-titled Domestic Electrical Installer Course (Full Scope). Operatives whose Logic Certification Part P certificates are expiring are able to undertake this course as a reassessment.

Plumbing      (back to top)

  • I am an experienced plumber but do not have any formal qualifications, am I able to take your Hot Water Systems & Safety, Water Regulations and Legionella prevention courses?
    • Logic Certification normally recommend that candidates hold a NVQ level 2 or equivalent qualification, however providing you have at least 2 years experience carrying out plumbing work and are familiar with the current standards and best practice you should be able to attend and complete the course. We would recommend you discuss your training requirements with your local Logic Certification training centre.
  • Does Logic Certification award RQF/QCF plumbing qualifications?
    • Logic Certification has developed a wide range of regulated qualifications for operatives working in the Building Engineering Services sector. However currently plumbing is not being developed as a stand alone qualification.

Heating      (back to top)

  • I fit gas central heating and would like to improve my knowledge on how to size boilers and radiators and install heating systems correctly, what courses would you recommend?
    • The Logic Certification Foundation Certificate in Basic Heating and Hot Water System Design & Specification would provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet your learning needs. Don't forget that you must ensure that your heating installations must comply with Part L of the building regulations, our Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating qualification will demonstrate to your Competent Persons Scheme that you are up to date and compliant with current regulations.

Renewables      (back to top)

  • How can I get recognised by the Micro Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) to fit Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems?
    • You will have to contact an MCS provider and discuss their requirements for business registration; one area where we can help is qualifications. Part of MCS approval is demonstrating that you or your installer's are competent to carry out the installation of the Solar Thermal system. By undertaking the Logic Certification Solar Thermal Installer course you will be demonstrating to your MCS provider your competence to design and Install Solar Thermal systems.
  • Are all your renewable qualifications recognised by industry?
    • Yes, all Logic Certification qualifications in renewable technology are recognised by all MCS providers.

Oil      (back to top)

  • Why do you not supply an ID card with the OFTEC certificate of competence?
    • The OFTEC scheme enables individual's to demonstrate their competence in the installation and maintenance of oil fired appliances and to be able to join the OFTEC registration scheme, once registered OFTEC issue their own ID card to individual members.
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