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LCL Level 4 Certificate in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing

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Qualification Title: LCL Level 4 Certificate in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing
LCL Qualification Code: GSMSH
RQF Qualification Code:


Level and Credit Value: Level: 4 Credit Value: 15
Guided Learning Hours: 40 GLH 150 TQT
Qualification Units:
  • Combustion and Carbon Monoxide
  • Flueing and Ventilation of Gas Appliances
  • Appliances, Meters and Pipework
  • Gas Safety Management in Social Housing
  • Gas Safety Legislation
Qualification Certificate Expiry: None

The target groups for the Qualification are those learners who are resonsible for and manage services that affect and can be affected by matters of gas safety and who are;

  • Updating and continuing their professional development (CPD).
  • Developing knowledge and understanding relevant to a particular specialisation within an occupation or set of occupations.
  • Developing their knowledge and understanding in order to gain recognition at a higher level or any different role

The qualification will also provide under pinning knowledge for Level 4 Certificate in Gas Safety in Facilities Management.

Learners outcomes:

The learners will know and or understand;

  • Combustion and carbon monoxide
  • The flueing and ventilation of gas appliances,
  • The design, types, operation and installation requirements of gas appliance, meters and pipework,
  • The management responsibilities in managing gas safety in social housing
  • The legislative requirements affecting the management of gas safety in social housing environments.

No specific requirements

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