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LCL Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671:2018

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Qualification Title: LCL Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671:2018
LCL Qualification Code: 7671REI18
RQF Qualification Code:


Level and Credit Value: Level: 3, Credit Value: 4
Guided Learning Hours: 35
Qualification Units:

Understand the Requirements of Electrical Installations

Qualification Certificate Expiry: N/A

This regulated RQF qualification in the requirements of electrical installations has been designed to allow learners to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. This qualification (or similar) maybe required for operatives wishing to join some Electrical Registration Bodies, Competent Person Schemes or the Microgeneration Scheme.

Learners outcomes:

The objective of this RQF qualification is for learners to demonstrate they know and understand:

  • the scope, object and fundamental principles of BS7671
  • the definitions used within BS7671,
  • how to assess the general characteristics of electrical installations
  • the requirements of protection for safety of electrical installations
  • the requirements for selection and erection of equipment for electrical installations
  • the requirements of inspection and testing of electrical installations
  • the requirements of special installations and locations as identified in BS7671
  • the information contained within the appendices of BS7671.

There are no formal pre-requisites to this qualification but it is recommended that candidates should have suitable knowledge of electrical theory and ideally be working within the electrical or a related industry.

The guided learning hours (GLH) and training route for this qualification may vary depending on whether the learner holds a qualification covering the requirements of BS7671 (2015) or not, details are provided below:

  1. Full GLH and assessment route: Normally 3 days (35 hr) followed by the 60 question on-line assessment.
  2. RPL GLH and assessment route: Experienced Learners must produce an original BS7671:2008 (2015) certificate to the centre (an authenticated electronic copy is to be retained within the learners portfolios) Learners may undertake a 1 day guided learning session covering the differences in this version of the Regulations followed by a 60 question on-line assessment as detailed above.
  3. Assessment only route; Experienced learners may choose to undertake the examination without being required to undertake any guided learning input or alternately have utilised one of the on-line training platforms. Undertaking this route must meet the requirements of 2 above. Followed by a 60 question on-line assessment as detailed above.

Candidates should contact their local centre for further advice and guidance on suitability to undertake the qualification or alternately contact the LCL technical team.

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Candidates wishing to find a centre near to them can use the Find A Centre facility on this site.

Centres wishing to apply for approval to run the scheme should refer to the Centre Zone.

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