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LCL Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering (Dual Fuel/Power/Gas)

The following training and assessment packages are certificated by Logic Certification Ltd to industry led standards

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Qualification Title: LCL Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering (Dual Fuel/Power/Gas)
LCL Qualification Code: 601/5845/1 (Dual Fuel) - 601/5837/2 (Gas) - 601/5844/X (Power)
RQF Qualification Code:

601/5845/1 (Dual Fuel)

601/5837/2 (Gas)

601/5844/X (Power)

Level and Credit Value: Level: 2 Credit Value: 63 (Dual Fuel), 41 (Gas), 37 (Power)
Guided Learning Hours: 322 GLH 630 TQT (Dual Fuel), 262 GLH 410 TQT (Gas), 148 GLH 370 TQT (Power)
Qualification Units:

Common Units (for gas or power or dual fuel)

  • Working Practices in the Energy and Utilities Sector L/502/9858
  • Working Safely in the Energy and Utilities Sector A/502/9855
  • Using and Communicating Technical Information in the Energy and Utilities Sector J/503/0233
  • Delivering Customer Service When Working Within the Energy and Utilities Sector F/502/9856
  • Install and Commission Communication Systems for Smart Meters A/503/0231

Electric Meter Units (power only and dual fuel)

  • Install Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment M/600/3988
  • Change Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment A/600/3993

Gas Meter Units (gas only and dual fuel)

  • Applied Practices and Principles for Installing Low Pressure Natural Gas Smart Meters up to U6 only  K/503/0256
  • Prepare, Install and Commission Low Pressure Natural Gas Smart Meter and Regulator up to 6.0m³/hr F/503/0232
  • Low Pressure Gas Smart Meter Tightness Testing and Direct Purging J/502/9857

The following units are optional and do not form part of the main qualification

  • Install Multi Phase Meter – Whole Current New Connection J/600/4001
  • Change Multi Phase Meter – Whole Current F/600/4000
  • Install Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment on Multi phase cut-out New Connection M/600/4008
  • Change Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment on Multi phase cut-outs T/600/4009
  • Prepare, install and commission medium pressure natural gas smart meter and regulator up to 6.0m³/hr F/505/0884
Qualification Certificate Expiry: None on the qualification however it is a requirement that qualified gas meter engineers are required to undertake recertification under the ACS scheme every 5 years. The MOCOPA scheme for power requires qualified power smart meter installers to undertake a power reassessment every 3 years.

This suite of regulated qualifications has been developed and published by LCL in response to an industry need to meet the demand for the installation of 50 million smart gas and electricity meters in 27 million homes by 2020.

The qualification(s) are for learners that are new to the industry and wish to learn how to install and exchange gas and or power smart meters in domestic dwellings. It is also suitable for existing installers who intend to up skill and carry out work in a new industry sector.   

The qualification has been designed to minimise any duplicated effort and ensure learners do not have to re-learn what they already know.

Once registered for the qualification learners are provided with a comprehensive on-site portfolio book and qualification record where details of their guided learning and on site supervised work practice is recorded. This enables learners and assessment centers to monitor progression and provides the evidence required to assist assessors when making claims for certification. This book will be sent to the centre when the learner is registered.

Learners undertake guided learning at an approved training centre which may be on a block or day release basis, depending on the needs of the employer. This enables learners to practice and learn installing and exchanging smart meters in a safe and controlled environment which simulates real work situations.

When the fundamental principles of installing and exchanging smart meters have been learnt, learners commence their on-site supervised work practice under the supervision of a competent and experienced smart meter installer. This person acts as the learner’s mentor who provides advice, guidance and support in addition to confirming when and where the learner has met the required standard for installing and exchanging smart meters.   

Independent and summative assessment(s) confirm whether the learner has understood and learnt the job of installing and exchanging smart meters. This may take place either in the workplace or in a controlled environment within a centre

On completion of the qualification learners who have successfully completed the dual fuel or gas smart meter qualification are awarded their certificate and their results are uploaded to Gas Safe Register.  

Learners outcomes:

The learning outcomes of each of the qualification(s) within the suite are specific to the gas and power sector, details of which can be seen by following the link to the RQF L2 Diploma Smart Metering - Dual Fuel, Gas and Power Qualification Specification at the bottom of this page in the download section.

On successful achievement of either the dual fuel or gas only routes the learners details will be uploaded to Gas Safe Register (this will require a passport specification photograph of the learner being provided by the learner/centre). The qualification includes the relevant assessment criterion of CMA3 and MET1 which allows the learner to work on gas meter installations in dwellings provided they have been registered by their employer. Please note that the qualification does not include any work on the installation pipework other than that required to facilitate the meter exchange, likewise the qualification does not include any work on the electrical installation within the dwelling.

Achievement of the L2 Diploma in Smart Metering does not allow the learner to access any other assessments within the ACS framework as a Category 1 candidate and to undertake any other assessment within ACS the learner will need to undertake a managed learning programme in the chosen area including building an onsite portfolio in the required area.


None, however learners registering for a qualification must be either employed by or working for an energy supplier (or their agent) or have access to on-site supervised workplace practice and experience provided by a third party.

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Candidates wishing to find a centre near to them can use the Find A Centre facility on this site.

Centres wishing to apply for approval to run the scheme should refer to the Centre Zone.

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