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Leading the smart meter revolution

With power and gas suppliers preparing to roll out Smart Meters, ensuring the government’s 2020 targets are met, Utilities Academy, one of the UK’s leading providers of Smart Meter training, has become the first centre approved by Logic Certification to deliver its new dual fuel Smart Meter Diploma. The course covers both gas and electricity, plus the vitally important customer-facing skills that will help end users understand this new technology and change their energy usage to reduce consumption. 

Working with centres to develop their offering

South Eastern Regional College (SERC), Northern Ireland

SERC is an impressive college, with seven sites in Co. Down and Co. Antrim. It is one of the largest Further Education Colleges in Northern Ireland and committed to bringing top-class education and learning opportunities to its local communities. The College has 1,100 staff and over 32,000 annual enrolments on courses spanning 40 different subject areas. Proud of its close working relationships with industry the college works hard to generate real business benefits.



Trades Training Edinburgh

Antony O’Neil of Trades Training in Edinburgh knows what it’s like to ride through tough times and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work and determination. He set up the training centre in 2007, just three months before the recession began. Economic downturns are always tough on the construction trade, but he began small, focusing on tiling and plastering in the early days and moving into plumbing as nearby training centres fell by the wayside and he spotted new demand.

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