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GET gets on board with Gas Auditing

Last September, Logic Certification (LCL) launched two new qualifications for those with responsibilities for auditing gas businesses. One of the first approved centres to deliver the new qualifications was GET (Gas Educational Training) in Glasgow.  It’s first group of Gas Auditing Learners attained the Level 3 Award in Auditing a Gas Business at the end of November.  Most of these learners are now working towards the second qualification in Auditing a Gas Business’s Work Management Procedures.

Trades Training Edinburgh

Antony O’Neil of Trades Training in Edinburgh knows what it’s like to ride through tough times and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work and determination. He set up the training centre in 2007, just three months before the recession began. Economic downturns are always tough on the construction trade, but he began small, focusing on tiling and plastering in the early days and moving into plumbing as nearby training centres fell by the wayside and he spotted new demand.

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