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Time to prepare for the F-Gas tidal wave

As part of the drive to help slow the onset of global warming, the impending restriction on high GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants in the UK coming months and years, will have a needed but significant impact on the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

At the heart of the debate is the European Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas) Regulation which places restrictions on the use of some hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants with high GWP. Its aim is to reduce the role of refrigerant gases in global warming.

The F-Gas Regulation, which originally came into force in July 2007, is being revised. The most important new proposal is a phase down in the supply of HFCs, the most widely used F-gas.

This phase down is being managed through refrigerant bans and steadily reducing quotas. A supply freeze started in 2015 will be followed by several reduction steps so that, by 2030, European HFC supply will be 21% of 2015 levels.

However, this belies the urgency that lies behind reducing HFC refrigerants. Janet Ludert, regional marketing manager of Chemours, warned at a recent RAC magazine Question Time event in London: "Every three years, starting in 2018, there is going to be a step down in the [HFC supply] quota. The cliff - a big drop - is coming in the 2018 quota...

"Do we think we are on solid ground when, in fact, the cliff is right ahead? This is something that we as a whole industry have to be concerned about, because we need to be more proactive not reactive."

Training is critical in order to prepare for the tsunami of change in F-Gas legislation over the coming years. Formal qualifications are required for all those who install, maintain, commission, work with or purchase products or equipment containing F-Gas and other ozone depleting substances.

Once qualified, sole traders or companies need, by law, to become F-Gas company certified. To help with this process, Logic Certification has launched a new range of F-Gas qualifications. This follows Logic Certification's recognition by Defra as a certification and evaluation body. We now offer Level 2 and a new Level 3 qualification from our approved centres throughout the UK.

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