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Survey shows our commitment to our centres

Results from a recent survey show the majority of Logic Certification centres are happy with the service we provide, with many stating that we exceed in areas such as technical support and the certification process.

'Happy on all counts'

The survey asked centres to rate our performance on a variety of areas including the quality of back-up, the efficiency of the certification process and overall value for money. They were also given the opportunity to comment generally on our service and we were delighted that the great majority had very good things to say about us.

Support and technical back-up are two areas that came out particularly strongly - 'Always a professional and courteous service, thank you', is just one of the positive comments we received.

  • 85% of centres rated our admin staff 'excellent' in term of availability, efficiency and manner
  • 95% rated us above average for technical support

Another area that scored highly is our certification process - 95% of centres rating it above average. With a genuine focus on equipping learners for the world of work, Logic Certification is committed to issuing certificates and ID cards (where relevant) to successful candidates within 10 working days of receipt of complete and correct documentation from the assessment centre (for ACS Certificates).

Representing value for money is key in the current economic climate and we are delighted that 90% of centres gave us a rating of 'good' or 'excellent' in this area.

Join us!

At Logic Certification, we pride ourselves on being industry-based with a practical and no-nonsense outlook.  If you are an existing training provider in the private or Further Education (FE) sector, or looking to open a new training centre, we would like invite you to become part of the Logic Certification family.  

Logic Certification is a UKAS Accredited Certification Body for the ACS gas scheme and an Ofqual and Qualifications Wales recognised Awarding Body/Organisation. We offer a comprehensive range of courses, for full details click here.

We currently have a network of over 200 Logic Certification Approved Centres around the UK and you would be joining an organisation that is committed to delivering a first class service; to both its centres and the learners they train.  Find out how we support our centres here.

Logic Certification is a well-regarded brand that will help generate business for your training centre. Becoming one of our centres is a straight-forward process. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us and we will arrange for one of our Business Development team to discuss your requirements. If necessary, we can come and visit your centre to talk through what we can offer.






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