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HSE shows support for MOT style gas safety certificates

Since the launch of its Gas Access Campaign back in November 2013, the Association for Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) has lobbied to raise awareness of the benefits of moving to an MOT style of Landlord’s Gas Safety Record (LGSR) as well as calling on the government to beef up legal powers allowing social landlords better access to their properties to carry out gas safety checks.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have now put their weight behind the campaign, initiating a comprehensive consultation process on all aspects of the change.

Improved access laws

The Law rightly requires all landlords to carry out annual safety checks on any properties they own which have gas supplies.  Housing Associations cannot apply for the same-day court orders which allow Local Authorities to force entry to properties, despite being subject to the same legal duties to check gas services.  If tenants refuse to play ball it can take up to four months for social landlords to gain access to properties, creating risk of gas explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning  at a large financial cost to social housing providers.

AGSM says allowing social landlords a swift and efficient way to make the checks it is legally required to make could save £1 billion every year.

MOT-style gas servicing

The proposed move to an MOT style of servicing would improve gas safety by preserving the annual gas safety check cycle.  A safety check could be carried out up to two months before the due date but that the due date would remain unchanged each year.

Meetings between the AGSM and the HSE have confirmed they are currently putting in place a comprehensive consultation process and an impact assessment to assist with the additional approval, which is still required.

HSE Inspector Stuart Kitchingham spoke at the 2016 AGSM Gas Safety Management Conference and confirmed the HSE’s support of the move to an MOT style of LGSR.

Claire Heyes, CEO of the AGSM, said:

“We are working closely with the HSE and welcome their support and their plans for consultation. The change to an MOT style of LGSR will have a significant impact on the rented housing sector and make considerable savings.”

She also highlighted some of the benefits of the proposed new style of gas servicing:

“We believe that the key to making significant savings in Gas Access is through an industry-wide move to the MOT style of servicing.  It will lead to improved productivity for landlords; planned servicing for summer months; improved tenant co-operation; and less confusion for elderly and vulnerable tenants.  This would allow for a greater focus on other areas of safe affordable warmth.”

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the consultation process. 

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For more information on the Gas Access Campaign, including how you can help to get the law changed, visit

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