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A smart move to smart meters!

So, the age of the smart meter is here! With the country mid-way through the roll-out, it can only be a positive thing that, for the first time, consumers can see exactly how much energy they are using, resulting in them making better choices and, ultimately, saving money. Bills will be more accurate and there will be no more unwelcome knocks on the door to read your meter as the unit itself will transmit regular and exact readings automatically.


It is the government’s aim that by 2020 every home in the UK will be able to use smart meter technology and, although the units are not currently mandatory, it is an initiative set to prove popular. For too long consumers feel they have been in the dark about how much energy is actually used and then transferred into cost; greater clarity on this will help alleviate concerns over how the ‘big six’ energy suppliers operate and erase the confusion of current billing systems.


But, who will be installing the smart meters and who will be educating the users? Demand has been created for installers who are appropriately trained to fit smart meters in order to meet government deadlines.


If you are a learner or an employer looking to up-skill yourself or your staff with smart meter skills, we offer a QCF Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering. The qualification will enable learners to practice installing and exchanging smart meters in a safe and controlled environment. Once the fundamental principles have been covered, on-site supervised work practice is carried out, with a mentor on-hand to provide advice, guidance and support.


There are no prerequisites to the qualification other than learners must be employed by or working for an energy supplier (or their agent) or have access to on-site supervised workplace practice and experience provided by a third party.


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