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Purchase protection for small businesses

Many Logic Certification customers are also small business owners, for whom cash flow, particularly when it comes to purchasing goods in advance of payment, can be an issue. To help combat gaps in payment protection, the government is asking small and micro-businesses to share their experiences and views on this problem in order to identify any gaps in protection and possible solutions.


In her Ministerial Foreword to Call for Evidence: Protection of small businesses when purchasing goods and services, Parliamentary under-secretary of State for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, Jo Swinson, said: “The government has heard how such a move may potentially benefit businesses, particularly sole traders and micro businesses, which are often in no better a position than a consumer when making purchases. However, the government is also aware that micro and small businesses are suppliers as well as customers such that transferring consumer rights to such an important, and varied, business sector may have unintended consequences. I believe we need to approach this carefully.”


John Thompson, chief executive of APHC said: “We are glad that the government finally seems to be taking an interest in the need to increase the purchase protection of small businesses in the UK, which currently encounter far more difficulties in this area than their larger counterparts. As such, we are urging members of the plumbing and heating industry to make their voices heard by participating in this long-awaited investigation. We are hopeful that this call for evidence results in some constructive discussion which paves the way for future proposals in the area.”


Response forms can be downloaded at: and once completed should be emailed to: or posted to:


Sean Browne

Competition and Consumer Policy Directorate

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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