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Climate change top priority for UK businesses

UK businesses have joined forces to urge the government to address climate change and building a low-carbon Britain by writing an open letter to the prime minister, which was published in the Financial Times on 10th June.


The letter, which was signed by more than 80 major UK businesses, called for a long-term framework to be confirmed for the investment in green growth and the UK’s low carbon future. It laid bare the following key recommendations:


  • Seek a strong global climate deal in Paris in December, which limits temperature rises to below 2 degrees
  • Set an ambitious 5th carbon budget to drive forward UK emission reductions (covering 2028-32)
  • Establish a long term framework for investment in the low carbon economy, giving industry much needed clarity over what is expected in terms of low carbon development, and boost the confidence of green investors.


Sector specific UK firms who signed the letter in support of the moves, included: Knauf Insulations, Rockwool, Baxi, Worcester and Bosch. Other big hitters were BT, john Lewis, Coke, Mars, IKEA and Marks & Spencer.


Campaign group WWF chief executive, David Nussbaum, added: “From construction and energy to retail, the best British enterprises know that green growth is the future.


“They take on-board that it’s not longer credible to base a sustainable economy on fossil fuels, so the government should put us on track for a low carbon world.”


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