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Good news for the RHI!

New statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that domestic RHI installations have smashed the 20,000 milestone, with some 6,244 new accreditations since April 2014 when the initiative was officially launched.


Of the total 21, 932 domestic installations (under the RHI and the RHPP scheme combined):



Paul Thompson of the Renewable Heat Association (REA) added: “There is huge demand for affordable and low-carbon heating in UK households. It is encouraging to see that not only has the 20,000 accreditations milestone been reached but the rate of uptake is rapidly increasing. This is hopefully a trend that will continue.”


A closer look at the figures shows that, to date, the domestic RHI is used mainly by homeowners but eight per cent of all accreditations were to social landlords. Spring 2015 will see changes to the scheme come into force, making it more accessible for social landlords and their tenants to apply for the RHI, by removing the requirement to have a Green Deal Assessment.


Qualifications available


If you’re an installer still not trained in the art of ‘green’ and looking to benefit from the surge in work from the RHI, we offer a range of renewables qualifications delivered through our network of approved centres. To find a centre near you, click here and enter your post code, sector and qualification query.

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