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STA lays out jobs losses for solar

Not quite the news we were hoping to hear: the Solar Trade Association (STA) claims that some 20,000 more jobs could be axed in the solar industry, as a result of proposed cuts to government subsidies; a slight improvement on the 27,000 jobs it had previously estimated.


According to a recent survey involving 204 solar businesses, 576 staff have had to made redundant, with a reported 1,600 on notice if the cuts to the Feed-In Tariff go ahead as planned.


In a recent statement, Paul Barwell, STA’s chief executive, said: “Those 1,800 jobs that we know have already gone represent technical skills and experience that has been built up in the solar industry over the last five years.


“It is this very supply chains and how-how that is essential to delivering low-cost solar. And yet the government is at risk of throwing many more of these jobs away.”


It is understood that several MPs have backed the organisations so-called ‘£1 rescue plan’ for the industry, which is hoped would help maintain the subsidies and protect jobs simply by adding £1 to the average household energy bill.


What are your thoughts? Is the £1 rescue plan workable? Let us know your thoughts on the future of the solar industry...


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