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Domestic Electrical Installer Certificate (2018)

The following training and assessment packages are certificated by Logic Certification Ltd to industry led standards

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Code: DEI2018
Expiry: 5 years
Guided Learning Hours: 5 days

The Domestic Electrical Installer (DEI2018) Training and Assessment package covers electrical work as outlined in the Building Regulation and complies with BS7671:2018.

This course is designed for persons working within the electrical or related industries it is not designed to take a non-qualified / non-related person and make them into electricians.

NB:  From the 6th April 2013 the qualification entry requirements for companies or businesses wishing to join a Part P Competent Person Scheme (CPS) changed. The relevant change is for the designated qualifying supervisor (QS). In a larger organisation, the QS will be responsible for the competence and work of all installers carrying out electrical installations. Sole traders are both the QS and installer. The QS must hold as minimum the Level 3 Certificate in Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installation Work in Dwellings. For larger businesses, the DEI qualification can still be used for operatives who are under the direction of the qualifying supervisor. Sole traders must comply with the qualification entry requirement detailed above.

Please see the following press release from the EAS technical committee who are responsible for the CPS requirements. A full list of Competent Person Schemes can be found at: website.

Learners will:

Be trained and assessed in the following areas:

  • Component exchange
  • Applicable building regulations
  • Electrical safety legislation regulations, standards and terminology
  • Pre-work survey / inspections
  • Safe isolation procedures
  • Identification of unsafe electrical situations
  • Earthing and bonding requirements
  • Electrical test procedures
  • Cable components and fitting selection
  • Installation and replacement of electrical components and fittings
  • Checking the correct and safe operation of installed electrical components
  • Recording of electrical test results, completion of certification and notification requirements
  • Installing and or re-routing cables to form suitable outlet connections
  • Special locations
  • High protective conductors
  • Domestic lighting circuits, SELV
  • Maintaining domestic electrical installations
  • 3 Phase supplies

The DEI suitable for operatives who carry out electrical work as a secondary task i.e. heating installers, bathroom and kitchen fitter’s, builders and domestic appliance fitters / installers.

If your Logic Certification Defined or Full Scope Part P certificate has, or is about to expire, it is recommended that as part of your Continuous Professional Development  (CPD) you attend this course Logic Certification centres. The DEI course covers all areas that have been updated or changed since the introduction of the BS7671:2018 the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

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Candidates wishing to find a centre near to them can use the Find A Centre facility on this site.

Centres wishing to apply for approval to run the scheme should refer to the Centre Zone.

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