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Standards of service

Certificate issue:

Logic Certification Ltd (LCL) is committed to issuing certificates and ID cards (where relevant) to successful candidates within 10 working days of receipt of complete and correct documentation from the assessment centre and, where appropriate, notifying Gas Safe Register or OFTEC.
Note: for centres approved to deliver LCL QCF qualifications who have not achieved direct claims certification status the standard of service for issue of certificates is 15 days.

Certificates and ID cards (where applicable) will be sent to the candidate by second class post. We also offer an express certification service of two working days for an additional fee, payable through your centre. For the express certification service we send out the certificates and ID cards (where applicable) using 1st class post.

Replacement certificates:

The replacement of certificates is a chargeable service. Requests will be dealt with promptly and certificates posted within two working days of the payment being received, or on clearance of a cheque.

ACS ID cards:

As well as an A5 paper certificate, we issue a photo ID card to each candidate that states certification details and expiry dates.

Pricing structure:

We use an easy-to-calculate certification fee structure saving valuable administration time.

QMS template: 

We supply a comprehensive easy to use quality management system (QMS) template that will make compliance with the scheme rules straight forward. This template includes all necessary documents and templates helping make the setting up and running of a training centre a straight forward process.

Customer Service:

Our customer service and technical team are on hand to help and answer your questions. We do not employ hold, option or mailbox systems as we believe that any call or enquiry to Logic Certification should be answered by one of our team and not a machine.

Centre Approval Support: 

Helping you become an Approved Centre is key to our future success so we will be there to help and guide you all the way. This includes visiting your centre and staff to help and support the implementation of the QMS system and providing support in meeting the practical facility requirements.

Integrity & Impartiality Committee Representative

To ensure Logic Certification Ltd (LCL) carries out its business with integrity whilst maintaining its impartiality, LCL has appointed an Integrity & Impartiality Committee (IIC) responsible for overseeing the operation of LCL in relation to the manner in which it carries out its business. The IIC consists of four individuals from within the Building Engineering Services sector, two Executive Directors of LCL and a representative of approved centres.
The IIC meets bi-annually and receives any reports from whistleblowers. It has been given a remit by LCL to report any unresolved issues regarding impartiality to the qualification regulators.

Approved centre representative

The centre representative plays an important role at committee meetings by; raising centre issues, providing input to meetings from a centre perspective and reporting back outcomes to centres.

We believe that centre input to the IIC plays an important role in the operation of LCL, if you have any issues you would like raised with the IIC directly please contact your IIC representative. If you do not know the contact details of your centre representative please contact the LCL administration office

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