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The Parnassus system is the online learner registration system for QCF qualifications. It is accessible for centres approved to deliver QCF qualifications and allows the centre to register the candidate for a qualification and then claim for the certificate upon successful completion. Key to this is the centre obtaining a Unique Learner Number (ULN) for the candidate if they do not already have one, this cannot be obtained by Logic Certification. This must be provided by the centre at registration so that the learners achievements can be uploaded by Logic Certification to the learners own Personal Learning Record (PLR). This is administered by the Learner Records Service (LRS). Before a centre can obtain the ULN for a learner they must be registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers which is again administered by the Learner Records Service.

In the future it has been suggested the the Skills Funding Agency will only fund qualifications that are awarded by an Aqarding Organisation uploading the learners achievements to the LRS database. Logic Certification has entered in to an agreement with the LRS to do this.

To access the Parnassus Registration System centres will require the link and their own user name and password which will be allocated the Logic Certification adminstration team.

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