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Logic Certification presents at solar thermal workshop

On the 28th November, Mark Krull, from Logic Certification presented at the Solar Thermal Trade Associations (STA) Solar Thermal Workshop, for training providers and stakeholders, alongside other representatives from the STA and industry. Detailing the benefits to solar
thermal installers
presented by the Government's newly launched RHI Training Support Voucher scheme, Mark's presentation covered the following areas:

  • An overview of the scheme, which offers £500 or
    75% off the cost of RHI related technologies, including solar thermal,
    including the journey from installer application to training.

  • Assurance that everyone involved is working
    towards the RHI launching in spring, Ed Davey described the Training Support
    Vouchers as the 'starting gun of the RHI'.

  • In addition to installers, there is also funding
    available for apprentices - up to £2,500 per candidate, covering the
    introduction to renewables, biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal, with an
    emphasis on 'dual fuel.'

  • A reminder to training providers that they must apply
    to become approved providers, with successful registration meaning a listing on

Other presentations covered the details of the domestic and commercial RHI, details of the Return on Investment of Solar Thermal and selling on the technology to customers and updates to Solar Thermal MCS standards.




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