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Complaints and Whistle Blowing

To submit your compliant please click on this link.

Please note we cannot accept anonymous complaints

Responding to Complainants and/or Whistle-blowers

Please also refer to the LCL Handbook for Learners and Approved Centres (HLAC), which provides guidance and support.

What LCL will do:

  • Respond as outlined in the LCL HLAC
  • Respond to concerns about malpractice, impropriety or wrongdoing within the Approved Centre, which if made in good faith will be viewed positively.
  • Protect Whistle-blowers from victimisation.
  • Inform the Complainants/Whistle-blower of the decision and reasons for it

What LCL will not do:

  • Review concerns referred to LCL which includes:
    • Contractual and/or financial arrangements between the learner and the Approved Centre.
    • Consequential losses incurred by the learner during the training programme.
    • A request for anonymity.
    • Unwarranted allegations.
    • Frivolous allegations.
    • Malicious/Vindictive allegations.
    • About the judgement of a teacher relating to the training programme.


Following Review of the Complaint

The whistleblowing procedure may not be used to re-open or review a matter already decided under other policies and procedures.

If, on preliminary examination, the concern is judged to be wholly without substance or merit, no further action will be taken and the Complainants/Whistle-blower will be informed by the designated person.

Anonymous Complaints

LCL cannot investigate anonymous complaints or whistleblowing reports. It is difficult to establish whether any allegations are credible and have been made in good faith; equally it is difficult to investigate properly.

Malicious Allegations

If an investigation concludes that a disclosure has been made maliciously, in bad faith or with a view to personal gain, LCL reserves the right to take appropriate action

If you wish to submit a complaint please click on the link opposite.



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