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Positive outlook for plumbers and HVAC engineers!

New research has revealed that more than a third of plumbers and HVAC engineers feel under pressure from their pending workload when compared with that of 2013, with 25 per cent of respondents claiming to put in more hours.

New requirements for Part P Qualified Supervisors

The requirements of joining a Part P competent persons' scheme have now changed, with Qualifying Supervisors (QS) now required to have gained one of two new NVQ Level 3 qualifications.

As before, all new QS must have a relevant 17th edition wiring regulations qualification, alongside one of the new NVQs. Existing QS' do not need to re-qualify as long as they remain within this role; if they leave their current position, providing they are re-employed as a QS within two years, completing the new NVQs won't be necessary.

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